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Utility Program News

Posted 12/31/2018

By R. Bruce Wright, CPCU


As I have discussed with several of you over the few past months, some tweaks have been planned for our safety consulting services and will take effect with the New Year of 2019. 

With the agreement of our carriers, most of the utilities in the program will be visited in person by Synebar Solutions, the program’s safety services provider, every other year, with telephone outreach in the alternate years. This rotation will replace our long standing “every year” visitation program. Some larger or more complex clients will still receive annual visits, and anyone can request a visit at any time. New accounts will continue to be seen as soon as possible after joining the program and may be seen either annually or bi-annually thereafter. This change results from the recognition that that most of the program’s participants are long term members who are well known and need not be asked to host annual visits unless they prefer to maintain that approach. However, some members are so large or complex that annual calls remain the best practice for them, as may also be the case for utilities involved in mergers or other major transitions. These companies will continue to receive visits every year as their circumstances require.

We hope this change will be an easy one for you. During the coming year, you may receive a call to set up a telephone contact instead of an in-person visit. Should you prefer a visit, just say so, and one will be provided. Once the initial year is complete, in-person and tele-conference contacts will alternate in subsequent years. If you have any concerns about this, or comments on any subject related to your safety and loss prevention program support, please click on the following link to email your feedback to