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The purpose of this session is to teach how to increase "task tension" while decreasing "relationship tension" in order to produce a more effective workplace. The seminar is geared toward improving the ability to communicate with, work with, and understand people whose styles are different from our own. Too often, "who we are" prevents us from accurately understanding and effectively relating to individuals who are different from us. This program offers a framework for recognizing behavioral types, explains the strengths and weaknesses of the various styles, and presents strategies to manage one's own behavior in ways that more effectively interact with other styles. This is a fun, eye-opening session.

Fun discussion and information about style "types" from leader. Some light testing to help participants identify their own styles so they can understand how to better relate to other styles. Includes all handouts.

Primarily for supervisory/management people and those having considerable contact with member-consumers, but most anyone can benefit from this session.

Size Group: 
Almost any size. Best with 12 to 18.

Estimated Time: 
3 and 1/2 hours.

Conference or classroom style room. Large marker board or flip charts. Overhead projector.