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Worker's compensation abuse and fraud is a major concern for many employers. In this session we will help you (and the others) reveal important, pragmatic things you can do as an executive in your own operation to make your company a "hard target" for abusive or fraudulent claims. We will reveal how you can deter abuse and help your business by investing your time and resources in positive, productive measures rather than investing in negative measures that may help "catch" an abuser but that otherwise add nothing to your company's performance. We will discuss the importance of: establishing a positive company culture; using clear and effective policies/practices to define and bring about excellent worker performance; using post incident reviews to provide effective solutions, improve supervisory performance and upward communication within the company; improving supervision on work sites; and establishing effective case management to help those honestly injured workers heal faster while deterring those looking for unearned paid vacations.

This is a uniquely presented session. The discussion leader adds very little to the content, he/she simply guides the group of participants through an analysis process to help them arrive at their own conclusions about controlling WC abuse. The discussion leader uses the same analysis technique we teach in the session on Post Incident Review, writing responses on large cards and posting them on the wall as the flow chart develops. The result of this session is not only surprising and eye-opening, but the conclusions come directly from the participants themselves, not from us. It is a powerful session.

Executives and key department heads/managers.

Size Group: 
Best with at least 8 people, no more than 16. (This is a good session to allow executives from nearby cooperatives insured in our program to attend along with your own key people.)

Estimated Time: 
Approx. 3 1/2 hours, depending on discussion among the participants.

Conference or classroom style room. Need a large wall where the discussion leader can post 8x6 inch cards using non-damaging sticky pads. (We bring along the special sticky pads. We may also need one of your people to serve as an assistant to help with the cards and the posting. It becomes difficult for the discussion leader to handle writing on and posting the cards for the chart while trying to keep track of what the participants offer.)