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Motherhood, apple pie, safety committees - who would be against any of these? Truth is, the last item may not lead to warm and secure feelings, and for good reason. During this session we will look into the concept of safety committees - what they might do to help a company and what they too often do to drain resources, and why. We will explore various approaches you might use to create, staff, and manage much more effective committees. We also will explore positive, pragmatic alternatives to accomplish the same (or better) results without a committee. Like motherhood and apple pie, safety committees are often part of deep-rooted values, so this session leads to divergent opinions. The good, open exchange among the participants and discussion leader will help you as an executive crystallize your own views and action plans on this important issue.

Presentation/discussion. Through open discussion and some presentation, the presenter covers types of committees, dynamics within committees, how to manage a committee, and how to assess your need/desire to build (i.e. staff) a suitable committee or decide a committee isn't the best approach. Includes handout materials.

Executives and key department managers.

Size Group: 
From 1 to 12 people.

Estimated Time: 
3 hours. (Could be compressed to 2 hours by curtailing discussion of your current approach.)

Conference style room or conference table. Overhead projector or video (computer image) projector.