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                                                                              WORKPLACE VIOLENCE PREVENTION PROGRAM




Effective Date - MONTH, DAY, YEAR


NAME OF ORGANIZATION is concerned and committed to our employees' safety and health. We refuse to tolerate violence in the workplace and will make every effort to prevent violent incidents from occurring by implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program. We will provide adequate authority and budgetary resources to responsible parties so that our goals and responsibilities can be met.

All managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining our WVPP Program. We encourage employee participation in implementing our program, and suggesting improvements to it. We require prompt and accurate reporting of all violent incidents whether or not physical injury has occurred. We will not discriminate against victims of workplace violence.

A copy of this Policy Statement and our Violence Prevention Program is readily available to all employees from each manager and supervisor.

Our program ensures that all employees, including supervisors and managers, adhere to work practices that are designed to make the workplace more secure, and not engage in verbal threats or physical actions that create a security hazard for others in the workplace. All employees, including managers and supervisors, are responsible for using safe work practices, for following all directives, policies and procedures, and for assisting in maintaining a safe and secure work environment.

The management of NAME OF ORGANIZATRION is responsible for ensuring that all safety and health policies and procedures involving workplace security are clearly communicated and understood by all employees. Managers and supervisors are expected to enforce the rules fairly and uniformly.

Our program will be reviewed and updated annually.







NAME OF ORGANIZATION has a policy of zero tolerance for violence. If you engage in any act of violence in the workplace, or make any threat of violence in the workplace, your employment will be terminated immediately for cause. No talk of violence or joking about violence will be tolerated.


To ensure that all employees share and understanding of the meaning of this policy, the following is the definition of "violence" as used herein:

The physical harming of another person by shoving, pushing, harassing, intimidating, coercing, or brandishing weapons, and including threatening, or talking of engaging in, these activities listed.

It is the intent of this policy to ensure that everyone associated with NAME OF ORGANIZATION, including employees and customers, never feels threatened by another person's actions or conduct.


In an effort to fulfill this commitment to a safe work environment for employees, customers, and visitors, a few simple rules have been created. These are:

Access to NAME OF ORGANIZATION's property is limited to those with a legitimate business interest.

All visitors and visitor vehicles must check-in AT THE DESIGNATED LOCATION.

All visitors must be accompanied by an employee while on NAME OF ORGANIZATION property.

No unauthorized person(s) shall be permitted to enter the cashier area during regular business hours.

No unauthorized persons or visitors will have access to NAME OF ORGANIZATION's  property during a major and/or extended outage. All exterior doors will be locked and will be entered only by employees.

All employees must always have their photo identification made readily available to the customer.


NAME OF ORGANIZATION specifically prohibits the possession of weapons by any employee while on company property. This ban specifically includes the keeping or transporting in any company vehicle at any time, at any place, and extends to personal vehicles in a company parking area, whether public or private. Employees are prohibited from carrying a weapon while performing services at all times, whether on or off of the company's business premises.

Weapons are defined as any type of gun, knife, explosives, and other items that has by design the potential to inflict bodily harm.

Any violation of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


All NAME OF ORGANIZATION employees have the duty to prevent violence in the workplace. You may help by reporting what you see that could indicate a co-worker or a customer is an immediate or future threat to your safety. You are also asked and encouraged to report any violations of this policy that has been implemented to provide a safe workplace:

If you feel that you are a victim of workplace violence, then you must file an Incident Report Form immediately with your supervisor and/or DESIGNATED ALTERNATIVE PARTY'S TITLE. All information will be investigated and kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with a full investigation.



Editors Note & Warning: Do not include a training commitment unless you are actually going to do it! Having it in your policy and not doing it may open you up to new grounds for employee grievances or claims


As part of its commitment to preventing workplace violence, NAME OF ORGANIZATION will establish an annual training program for all employees.

The Workplace Violence Training Program will consist of identifying potential hazards, prevention techniques, and reporting procedures. All employees are required to attend and complete this program.





NAME OF ORGANIZATION has created a violence prevention team to administer and implement our workplace violence prevention program

The team will consist of employees from different departments so that all job descriptions and everyday functions are addressed appropriately. Incidences will be reviewed and updates will be communicated by the team.

You are encouraged to pass along suggestions on ways to improve the safety and security at NAME OF ORGANIZATION. Please do so by talking to one of the team members