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This is a short, fun, pragmatic session based on the concepts of Richard Dryer's book (Your Erroneous Zones), embellished with simple, human, humorous examples of how most of us have been programmed to induce our own stress and how we can revise our programming to live longer and be more effective people and executives. The session includes simple definitions of "stress" and ultimately offers more pragmatic stress control measures than most other "stress management" approaches (i.e. it does not suggest or rely on physical exercises, meditation, dietary changes, etc.)

Fast-paced, one-way presentation. Q & A at end.

Primarily executives and managers, but good for most everyone.

Size Group: 
Any size up to about 35.

Estimated Time: 
 1 hour.

Classroom or audience-style seating. PC and projector for PPT. Marker board or flip chart.