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This workshop session will help you, your managers and/or supervisors significantly improve your approach to interviewing and screening candidates so as to effectively hire people who have the best chance of success in the position you are trying to fill. The thesis of this session is that knowing a candidate's actual past behavior in specific performance areas is the best indicator of how well the candidate will perform in the job you are trying to fill. Using a hands-on, workshop presentation, this session illustrates a unique style of interviewing that will reveal far more information about a candidate's past behavior than most typical interviewing questions, and offers very pragmatic techniques that may help you and your people avoid some of the most common hiring errors.

To learn more about the value and concept of Behavior-Based Interviewing, check out the article on this subject published in the Jan-Feb-Mar issue of RE-marks, using the "Archive" button above.

Presentation followed by a video taped program. Then, discussion mixed with hands-on workshop sessions. Folders with all handout and workshop materials.

Executives, managers, and supervisory people who have hiring authority.

Size Group: 
From 1 to 16 people.

Estimated Time: 
3 1/2 hours.

Conference or classroom style room. Marker board or flip chart. Video (VHS) player and monitor large enough for the group size.