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Every day your cooperative’s field employees interact with the consumers that you serve. Whether you realize it or not, what your people say and how they engage the consumer (and work to solve his/her problem) can impact how your organization is perceived in the eyes of the public and, to an extent, influence your cooperative’s exposure to liability claims. This session is designed to help prepare your field staff for the challenge of continually providing excellence in customer service and, at the same time, protecting the interests and the reputation of your cooperative/utility.

By understanding how the consumer thinks, your people will be better prepared to efficiently resolve customer problems and avoid common misunderstandings that hinder your organization’s efficiency. Better still, we are confident that your field associates will gain the basic consumer affairs skills necessary to responsibly and professionally deal with consumers in problem situations - whether they are faced with a simple customer complaint or called upon to secure an emergency scene where bystanders abound.

Fast paced, interactive session makes extensive use of real situations and unique experiences compiled from utility companies and electric cooperatives throughout the United States. Using these real scenarios, our experienced discussion leader engages your people in a fun series of role playing situations so that each of them gets an opportunity to explore and examine, first hand, both typical and non-routine problem situations involving cooperative customers. Includes a videotape of an actual emergency scene.

Originally designed for field employees (meter reader to senior lineman) this program can also be formatted for either a strictly supervisor audience or as a train-the trainer session for cooperative managers/executives.

Size Group: 
From 7 to 20. (This is a good session to allow executives from nearby cooperatives insured in our program to attend along with your own key people.)

Estimated Time: 
2 1/2 hours.

Conference or classroom style room. Videotape player (VHS) and monitor large enough for the size group. Large marker board or flip chart.