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A worker's attitude toward his/her work is often the single, most important factor affecting safe, efficient job performance. A worker's attitude is determined almost totally by his/her self-image - the kind of person (worker) he/she believes himself/herself to be. Since a person's self-image is "shaped" by the reaction of people he/she interacts with daily, managers and supervisors play a significant role in shaping every employee's attitude. In this session we will help reveal the shaping process that occurs in your organization every day so you can take positive action to improve attitudes rather than unknowingly allow the shaping of poor attitudes. This subject is presented in layman's terms with adequate group participation to assure full exchange of ideas. The session is designed to be fun for the participants yet yield important ideas every executive manager can use to improve employee job performance.

Note: To learn more about the concepts we cover in this session, you can read a pair  of previously published articles on the topic, by usning the "Archive" button above to navigate to the Oct-Nov-Dec 2005 and the Jan-Feb-Mar 2006 issues of RE-marks .

Largely open, fast-paced discussion, allowing participants the opportunity to express their own perceptions and beliefs about what makes people want to do a good job. As a participant, the discussion leader offers many alternatives to common management beliefs and offers new views on management styles.

Executives and key managers or department heads. Also useful for senior supervisory people, but only if management has participated in this session previously or already has a sound grasp and culture of positive feedback and reinforcement.

Size Group: 
At least 7 but no larger than 16.

Estimated Time: 
3 hours.

Conference style room or actual conference table, large marker board or flip chart. Overhead projector optional.