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In this session, we will develop a definition of "quality" as it relates to both the individual and the company-wide performance for your company. We will examine how using self-inspection and self-monitoring techniques can contribute to defining quality in your organization and assure understanding of what constitutes "a job well done." In conjunction with these items, we will discuss "catching people doing something right" concepts and other methods of reinforcing quality performance. We will take a close, critical look at issues like "paperwork" to attempt to focus on what is important and what is not. We will discuss how concise, well written policies, practices and programs can help you define "quality" and establish a "do it right the first time" culture in your organization. The underlying concept is that "safety" is a spin-off benefit of "quality" performance.

Presentation/discussion with plenty of give and take to reinforce existng sound beliefs while shedding new light what cause people to perform their best. Includes handout materials and short videotape presentation.

Executives, key managers, and higher-level supervisors.

Size Group: 
At least 6 and up to 12. (Could be done with larger groups and this is a good session to do with managers from other companies.)

Estimated Time: 
3 hours.

Conference style room or conference table. Large marker board or flip chart. Video tape player (VHS) and monitor.