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Glove Box Accident Report Forms

Posted 1/1/2016

A practical guide for drivers’ accident reports.

By R. Bruce Wright 

Several different visits I have made recently led at some point in the conversation to the topic of vehicle accident report guides, with clients asking me if we have anything they could use to help guide a driver in what to do at the scene of an accident. Of course, I immediately mentioned that Synebar has just such a form available on our Web site, available in our article on this subject, titled “Practical Driver's Guide For Vehicle Accidents” which contains a link to a form that anyone can download to their PC, edit and print. Over the recent holiday break I began to wonder why the folks who asked me this didn’t know about this resource, and I took a look at the Web site. I knew we had written an article on it not too long ago, and sure enough, I found it in the RE-marks Archive.

As it turned out, it was in fact published in Volume 2, Issue 3, the July 2001 issue! (Oops, I guess that was a bit longer ago than I thought.)

So, if you have any interest in learning what we had to say in that article, or want to take a look at the simple glove box accident report form we created that you can use for your drivers, just click on the title “Practical Driver's Guide For Vehicle Accidents” (#1 below) to go to that article. Inside the article, you will find a link to the form. Or if you don’t want to read about it, and just want the form, click on the second link that reads “Glove Box Accident Driver's Guide” and it will download the form to your browser. Then you can open it on your PC and save it where ever you wish.

Please note you can add your own logo the cover page. You will have to then add or delete blank lines until the following section is properly aligned at the top of the second page. (This is a simple 4-page form made from a single sheet of paper printed on both sides and folded the long way down the center — when you see it you will immediately recognize how it works.)


1-  Click here to read the article, “Practical Driver's Guide For Vehicle Accidents”


2-  Click here to skip the article and just download the Glove Box Accident Driver’s Guide