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Disaster Planning Revisited

Posted 9/14/2017

By R. Bruce Wright, CPCU


Perhaps you read this article, first published in January of 2001. Perhaps not. 


Editor’s Note:

In view of the most recent hurricanes, it might be well to review an older article posted to this RE-marks newsletter way back in January of 2001. While many things have changed since then, more than a decade and a half ago, the issues outlined in that article by a former consultant at Synebar Solutions ring as true today as when he first wrote them. Many of today’s clients were not part of the program back in those days, of those who were, many have new safety contacts, and even those few who did read it then by now could likely benefit from a refresher. So, I encourage you all to review that article, Disaster Planning: The Basics Of Mutual Aid, by clicking on the following link. Disaster Planning - Link